PGF/TikZ Manual

The TikZ and PGF Packages
Manual for version 3.1.10


53 Fading Library

  • TikZ Library fadings

  • \usepgflibrary{fadings} % and plain and pure pgf
    \usepgflibrary[fadings] % Cont and pure pgf
    \usetikzlibrary{fadings} % and plain when using TikZ
    \usetikzlibrary[fadings] % Cont when using TikZ

    The package defines a number of fadings, see Section 23 for an introduction. The TikZ version defines special TikZ commands for creating fadings. These commands are explained in Section 23.

Fading name Example (solid blue faded on checkerboard)
west (-tikz- diagram)
east (-tikz- diagram)
north (-tikz- diagram)
south (-tikz- diagram)
circle with fuzzy edge 10 percent (-tikz- diagram)
circle with fuzzy edge 15 percent (-tikz- diagram)
circle with fuzzy edge 20 percent (-tikz- diagram)
fuzzy ring 15 percent (-tikz- diagram)